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Three Things to do with Lamb’s Quarters

Posted on June 05, 2010 by crankycheryl

“Why on earth,” my friend wants to know, “would you eat lamb’s quarters when there’s good fresh spinach in the garden?”

It’s a decent question.  Why do I compulsively seek out weeds to eat when we’ve got good cultivated foods right at hand?

There’s the thriftiness factor, with the undeniable appeal of free food.  And there’s a very pleasant satisfaction in finding food where others look out and see a wild patch of mess.   I love the unpredictability of what grows on its own, how I have to hunt for this thing that’s beyond my control.  Where I’m attempting to make a garden that conforms to some sense of order and productivity, these wild edibles are on their own trajectory.  It’s not up to me to protect them from pests or be obliged to extend their season of growing.  They come, they go, I find and use them or I don’t.

There’s some kind of lesson about gratitude and grace in this.

Here are some of the things that I do with them:

  • Chop and saute them with some fresh garlic and oregano, then add to ground grass-fed beef with crumbled feta for delicious Greek-flavored burgers.

  • Chop, blanch, and pack into ice cube trays for easy-portioned greens to add to soup, sautees, pasta, or whatever you like.

  • Cook up with some quartered new potatoes and eggs or tofu for a great breakfast (lunch, dinner, snack).

Also in season right now: wild grape leaves, which I’ll share a recipe for this week.

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  • I just tried lambs quarters for the the first time last week and loved them! They are more robust and less slippery than spinach. I love how the water slides right off them when you rinse … maybe should be called ducks’ quarters instead! I boiled them briefly to remove any bitterness, then served with a squirt of lemon juice.

    Thanks for the other ideas and the lesson in “gratitude and grace”!

  • Thanks for the visit, Linda! I prefer them to spinach too when they’re in season.

  • This is a great post! I still need to try some!

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  • Leo

    Yes! Lambsquarters are definitely as good as spinach, if not better! Besides, they are free! You don’t have to buy the seeds. My father-in-law used to let them grow in the potato patch so he could harvest them, and we looked forward to it! I am going to try the burgers next spring!

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