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Posted on March 02, 2010 by crankycheryl

[3/15 – Give-away update: Z. picked Kristen!  We’ll arrange for the transfer.  Then he also picked Jeannie, which wasn’t really a plan but I’ll come up with something good.  Thanks for entering, everyone.]

Though I don’t have a winter CSA, I do know enough generous people who do that I find myself occasionally over-run with winter vegetables.

It’s hard to call this a problem, but the presence of two entire Napa cabbages did require some sort of plan.  And since we’re down to two jars of last summer’s pickles, kimchi seemed to make sense.

First, if you have any interest in Korean food, you must immediately go and visit Maangchi’s site.    She is so adorable and is a one-woman empire of amazing food over there in her virtual kingdom.  Plus she has a hot pink wig.

I was fascinated by her instructions, but actually followed this recipe.  Both start with brining the cabbage for 12 hours, and then straining it.  (Hey look – midway through the brining I got an email that my camera had turned up at the Y!  Yay!  Cabbage pictures!)

Then I made the spice mix, and mixed it in with the drained cabbage.  I so wish I had checked for paprika on hand so I could have tempered the heat to mimic the much milder Korean pepper that’s usually used for this.  I consoled myself that the jar of cayenne I pulled out was at least 4 years old … but the mix was still pretty darn hot.

Then,  because I had made something like a triple batch, I packed it into two 1/2 gallon jars, topped it with the reserved brine, and then used brine-filled freezer bags as tops.

Now they’re off to the basement to lurk in a cool corner for 3 – 6 days before it’ll be decanted into smaller jars.  Actually, I know that it will be precisely 4 days, since that’s when we’ll be back from our quick trip to NYC and I’m sure I’ll be dying to test it as soon as we walk in the door.

Want to try it too?  Leave a comment here on the blog (or on Facebook Networked Blogs) if you’re here in Burlington, and I’ll pick someone at random to give one to on, oh, March 15.

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  • Lisa Gould

    I love Kimchi!!!!!!!!

  • Me too. And you so far have a 100% chance of getting a jar!

  • I made a batch of kimchi at the family room. I would love to try yours to compare but as i have a whole jar that doesn’t seem sporting of me. Have a great time in NYC, say hello to it for me.


  • Sweenan A. Mornstuy

    Mmmmmmm. Kimchi!

  • Jeannie Waltz

    I hate to admit this, but I’m a Kimichi virgin. Put me on the “random” list!

  • Consider yourself entered, Jeannie, Sweenan & even you Robin. I’m about to decant!

  • Okay – I have to confess. I basically badgered Cheryl into giving me a jar and then proceeded to eat the entire within the next few hours. Kimchi and quiche is not quite Korean, but that was dinner, and it was great. As were the pinches of Kimchi stolen out of the jar at every red light between Cheryl’s house and mine. I may thrown the competition by taking the jar, but may have to make some more myself to start the games again.

  • Kristen Shamis

    Sounds yummy – I’ve never had it. Your photos are beautiful! I’m glad your camera was found.

  • Kristen Shamis

    Thanks Cheryl and thanks Z.! I never, and I mean never, win anything! It’s a running family joke dating back to childhood. Thanks again – I’m so excited to try kimchi!

  • I made kimchi last year. It was absolutely foul. One 1/2 gallon jar loast its seal…yuck. The other “worked”.

    I tried it three times. Each was a new low. Finally the compost got it. Hope yours was a much bigger success

  • Anna that’s very funny/sad. I’ll have to lay some on you and see what you think.

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